PendraCare has production expertise and production equipment available for a wide range of products, from Diagnostic and Guiding catheters to PTA/PTCA balloons and balloon catheters. PendraCare manufactures all its products in-house, starting from raw material and ending with a finished product. Our production capabilities include:  


All body and tip materials for our catheters are extruded in our in house extrusion department. PendraCare has both air and wire extrusion machines as well as grinding lines for post extrusion treatment


PendraCare has an array of braiding machines for production of its diagnositic, guiding and other arterial catheters

injection molding

All grip sections and plastic components for our catheters are produced in house in our injection molding department

balloon blowing

PendraCare has balloon blowing machines for development and production of medical balloons


PendraCare has over 500m2 of medical grade clean rooms for assembly of medical products. Here body and tip sections of catheters are welded together


PendraCare has UV treatment stations for curing of primers and coatings on its catheters


In PendraCare’s packaging department  there are several packaging lines for shaping, mounting, pouching, sealing, labelling and boxing of its medical products


To support our operations PendraCare has an experienced engineering department  with expertise in Lean Manufacturing, Process Excellence and 6 Sigma.